Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How do you hold a violin and bow? And how do you use it?

You should put your violin on your left shoulder and hold it with your left hand. You would hold your bow with your right hand. Before using the bow, tighten it by twisting the metal knob to the right. Make sure it’s not too tight. You would need plenty of rosin on the bow but don’t put it on everyday or it will get too sticky. At the end of your lesson or practise session, loosen the bow. For the violin, the index finger is the 1st finger, the middle is the 2nd finger, the ring is the 3rd finger and the pinkie is the fourth finger. If you don’t know how to tune it either wait until your teacher does it or tune it yourself if you have a tuned instrument. The left string is G, the next is D, the next is A and then on the right is E.

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